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Inez Muñequita Solecito Wall Hanging [Display] ***DISCOUNTED***

Inez Muñequita Solecito Wall Hanging [Display] ***DISCOUNTED***

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Add a touch of charm to your home with this exquisite ceramic sun wall hanging! This handmade piece is not only visually stunning but also doubles as an incense holder. Its design is influenced by the copal burning rituals dedicated to the Aztec god Tonatiuh. Hang it on your wall and let this beautiful work of art brighten up your space!




♡ Major crack running across the back 

Some paint chipping that we have tried to fix, but there is a possibility of further chipping. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE DONE OUR BEST TO REPAIR THE ITEM, BUT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT MORE CHIPPING WON'T OCCUR IN THE FUTURE!!!

♡ Could still be used as an incense burner, but we suggest handling it with care and minimizing frequent touching. SO PROCEED AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!!

♡ It is recommended to use solely for display purposes



♡ Approximately 6 x 6 in

♡ Materials: Earthenware

Note: please allow slight variations from online due to lighting.

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