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Perla Muñequita Solecito Wall Hanging [Incense Holder/Burner]

Perla Muñequita Solecito Wall Hanging [Incense Holder/Burner]

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Add a touch of charm to your home with this exquisite ceramic sun wall hanging! This handmade piece is not only visually stunning but also doubles as an incense holder. Its design is influenced by the copal burning rituals dedicated to the Aztec god Tonatiuh. Hang it on your wall and let this beautiful work of art brighten up your space!


♡ Approximately 6 x 6 in

♡ Functional Incense Holder & Burner, Uses Larger Incense 

♡ Materials: Earthenware, Gold Luster & Mother of Pearl Detailing 

Note: please allow slight variations from online due to lighting.


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